Spider Man Game 2

Video games have over the past years become the most popular games. They also come with alot of benefits to the participants. Among many benefits is that it encourages participation in related offline activities, such as reading or sports. Spider-Man 2 is such a popular video-game which is becoming more famous among game lovers.  Spider-Man Game 2 is an action-adventure video game having its origin from a film of a similar name title but it also incorporates comic materials books.

The game was published by Activision and developed by Beenox. This Beenox’s versions is the first superhero film to have a full open world design. It depicts Spider Man’s struggle on managing his civilian and superhero lives. At the same time his confidant Dr. Otto becomes supervillain Doctor Octopus and tries to rejuvinate a hazardiouz fusion power experiment hence making Spider-Man to stop him before he destroys Manhattan. 


Spider Man’s (Peter Paker), uncle, Ben is mudered by Dennis Carradine, who inturn is mudered by a serial killer known as the “Carnage Killer,” Vigilante Spider-Man decides to go after  Carradine’s killer to bring him to Ravencroft, which is a holding cell for those who are believed to be insane.  Wilson Fisk who is a billionaire together with Harry Osborn declare that their companies have partnered to fund the Enhanced the Crime Task Force which is a private police force which should restrain criminals & Spider-Man. However, an attack occurs to Oscorp Tower which is carried out by the Herman Shultz who is one of Carradine’s contractor whom Spider-Man met before Herman became Shocker. Fisk offers to save Oscorp from Harry’s hands but Harry rebuffs him. Fisk then decided to be patient till Harry dies from the same disease that killed Norman Osborn( Harry’s father).

Spider-Man then meets Kraven, who had come to New York City  to hunt & kill all Oscorp’s cross-species experiments. Kraven offers Peter a chance to work as his mentee. Peter accepts & they work together to find Carnage Killer. Peter manages to find a description of the serial killer. He begins tracking him down with the help of the Kraven. They finally find the killer who is known as Cletus Kasady. Spider-Man fights Kasady, Kasady is defeated. Peter spares Kasady after being urged by Kraven. Kasady is arrested by the police & is taken to Ravencroft where he encounters Harry Osborn’s assistant Donald Menken. Kasady is put into test by use of ‘’Venom’’, which was to be the cure to Norman Osborn’s disease.

PC Requirements

In order to be able to operate the Spider Man 2 on your PC, you will need the following;

Minimum Requirement

  1. Processor -intel core® Duo 2.6 GHz.
  2. Video Card- 512MB 3D hardware accelerator card
  3. Memory- 3GB RAM
  4. OS – Windows 7 or more advanced windows.
  6. Sound card- DirectX 9.0- compliant sound card.

Recommended PC Requirements

  1. CPU; Intel core 2 Quad 2.8 GHz
  2. RAM ; 4GB
  3. HOD space; at leas 9 GB
  4. OS; Windows XP(service pack 3)

Download the Spider Man 2 to Pc

To download  Spider Man 2,  choose the site where you want to download the game. It is good to check the year the game was released on that platform. The file name will usually tell you a lot about the download thus the format the game is in, the languages which the game can be played in and the file size. When you have already selected the file which you wish to download, you left click ion the download button, this directs you to your download page. Download the archive from the download link then right click on the downloaded file and  click on the ‘’extract here’’ using winrar. It will request for password where for a genuinely purchased game will be gotten from the site of download.

Once extracted, to install the game, click on the setup.ex. Open the folder named crack and copy all the files and copy them in the directory where you have installed the game. Start the game you have just pasted and enjoy the game.

Playing Spider Man 2 in PC

In the PC version, the player is able to use seveal web-based attacks and combos to fight enemies, it also have well  power move that causes Spider-Man’s fists to glow and deal extra damage; it is charged up by defeating enemies.

Besides wall crawling, web swinging is also featured in the levels set outdoors, but the player can only attach webs to glowing orbs that float in the sky. Spider-man 2 is  fairly a linear title,  it has is no exploration factor because the game is largely planted in a 2-D world, rather than 3-D. The game also has 3=D elements which enables  spider jumps, swings and crawls, the backgrounds stretch into the horizon which gives the player a feeling of visual depth.

It works well with the game’s overall dynamic. Spider  also looks beautiful because of the  blue and red cluster of pixels. He moves with a deliberate grace and he is controlled .

The Pc version   doesn’t heavily rely  on the touch pad.  There are a two scenarios that require you to whip out the stylus and begin slashing at the screen with wild abandon. Besides that, there are many  moves that Spider-man can do in this title. 


The Spider Man 2 is an enjoyable game to play in PC, it contains many techniques which helps in increasing attentiveness and concentration.This game tries to distract the players from pain by diverting attention to the game thus Spider Man 2 game is a good post-injury prescription. The multi-player experience has given way to a new form of socializing in which players work together to solve problems.

It is recommendable to download and play the Spider Man 2 and be able to access it anywhere anytime for the lists of benefits associated with PC mobility.


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